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CBD Dosage Guide

CBD Dosage Guide

Need to know what CBD Dosage is right for you? You’re on the right page!

This page is only a rough guideline however, somewhere to get an idea of how much CBD you should be using. Everyone has different tolerances and preferences, and reacts to different types and amounts of CBD differently. We’re not saying these guidelines are for everyone, but we’ll give you an idea of what has worked for other people!

When consuming CBD for the first time, after a long break, or if you’re just trying something new we always recommend you start small, and slowly move up dosage over a period of time using the product regularly.

We’ve helped thousands of people medicate their ailments naturally with CBD, so we’ve received tons of feedback in terms of how most people react to certain amounts of CBD, and how much they started with for a safe and comfortable experience.

The key is to start with a low dosage, and increase gradually. Since everyone reacts to CBD products differently depending on metabolism, weight, even time of day, as well as the ailment they’re treating with our products, it’s wise to look up the regular dosage, or visit forums and communities to see what they recommend and start with the lowest dosage, and move up (or down) until you feel your desired effects consistently.

Here’s a Daily Plan you can follow to find the right dosage of Full-Spectrum CBD for you:

Note: This is just a rough guide and we’re not saying this plan will work for everyone, we recommend getting advice from your doctor or health care provider in order to find your ideal dosage.

Start on day 1 with 5 mg of full spectrum CBD.

On the second day, try 5 mg again and see how it affects you.

If you don’t feel desired effects, move on to day 3 and try 10 mg.

The next day try 10 mg again, and see how it works for you.

Follow this schedule going up 5 mg at a time and testing it for 2 days before upping your dosage amount again. Repeat until you’re at 25 mg or you have reached your desired effects.

We want our customers to feel safe and comfortable using our products. Which is why we recommend slowly moving up, even if you just start out with a little and the next day add on a tad more to see how it affects you if the original dose didn’t get you where you want it to.

Test, adjust, and try again the next day until you find your sweet spot! There’s no rush to get your ideal dosage locked in place.