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CBD Tincture Guide: Recommended CBD Tincture Dosages

CBD Tinctures are an excellent product for all around CBD use, anti stress, sleep quality, and many other benefits. However, how much should you use to get started?

This page will give you a rough guideline on what dosages you should use when first trying out our CBD Tinctures.

This page is only a rough guideline. Somewhere to get an idea of how much CBD you should be using. Everyone has different tolerances and preferences, and reacts to different types and amounts of CBD differently. We’re not saying these guidelines are for everyone. We’ll give you an idea of what has worked for other people!

When you’re trying out our CBD Tinctures for the first time, our general rule of thumb is to start small, and move up. When you first try a serving, wait until the effects have fully kicked in before trying more or evaluating how much you should try for the next time.

Our CBD Tincture guide has been used by many of our customers to medicate ailments. And we’ve received a lot of feedback showing what most people experience from different amounts of our CBD tinctures.

Between each person, the amount they use for each of their desired effects varies by quite a bit. Depending on your metabolism, weight, and other factors, you’ll probably end up at a different ideal dosage from the people around you.

Here’s a Recommended Daily Plan you can follow to find the right dosage from our CBD Tincture Guide:

Note: This is just a rough guide and we’re not saying this plan will work for everyone. We recommend getting advice from your doctor or health care provider in order to find your ideal dosage.

For treating pain, start with 20 to 50 mg CBD by mouth, for roughly 7 days or use topically 3 to 5 times / day massaging 3 to 5 drops into the problematic areas. You can also apply to the bottom of your hills for pain relief.

For treating epilepsy, we recommend 200-300 mg per day by mouth.

For treating social anxiety, we recommend 20 to 50 mg per day by mouth.

As far as treating sleeping disorders, or PTSD, we recommend 50 to 100mg per day by mouth.

And treating skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis, apply topically 3 to 5 times per day massaging 3 to 5 drops into the problematic areas.

We want our customers to feel safe and comfortable using our products. Which is why we recommend slowly moving up. Even if you just start out with a little and the next day add on a tad more to see how it affects you if the original dose didn’t get you where you want it to.

Test, adjust, and try again the next day until you find your sweet spot! There’s no rush to get your ideal dosage locked in place.