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CBD Topicals: What you need to know about CBD Balms, Creams, Roll on Sticks and Salves

CBD Topicals

Creams & Balms – Cannabidiol creams and balms are very similar. Booth serves the purpose of aiding a specific area in the body where pain or soreness occurs. Creams and balms are usually the most common CBD topicals people would purchase. CBD creams and balms help joint and muscle aches and are popular with people who engage daily in physical activities (athletes, warehouse jobs, lifting jobs). Inflammation can indirectly or directly trigger a lot of pain in our bodies.

One of the unique characteristics of CBD is that it helps promote the healthy control of inflammation within the body. Topicals such as creams work upon inflammatory cytokines, which would typically trigger inflammation. Often, you will have these inflammatory cytokines or have inflammation at a localized source. If you use a topical, it makes it so you could potentially directly affect that inflammation at that very spot. One of the significant roles of CBD is that it slows the cytokine production of immune cells.

CBD cream for pain

CBD creams for pain provide a slower relief when compared to oils. This is because oils are not absorbing into the bloodstream. Instead, it has to go through the skin to reach the needed affected area—moreover, creams aid in relieving built-up tension in the muscles.

CBD balms are dense, near-solid, and waxy. They differentiate from CBD salves, which tend to be lighter than balms.

As base ingredients, both salves and balms tend to use fatty oils and waxes, whereas creams and ointments usually use water. CBD muscle balms are a concentrated substance, rendering them a perfect pain reliever option. Like other CBD topicals, balms are supposing to be using on your skin directly. When picking a balm, it is helpful to take into consideration the following criteria:

  • It is made by a company that provides proof of third-party testing by an ISO 17025-compliant lab
  • It is made with U.S.-grown hemp
  • Contains no more than 0.3 percent THC
  • Passes testing for pesticides, heavy metals, and molds

If you have muscle or joint pain, or maybe you are struggling with a skin disorder such as psoriasis, the solution you have been looking for could be a CBD balm or cream. Topical treatments that are infused with CBD are better and gentler on the body than prescription drugs. There are no harsh substances that can affect the skin or have a detrimental impact on the system that is your body.

CBD balm

Roll on sticks – Roll on CBD style topicals are made more specifically for people who have an active lifestyle and need it in the gym bag, car, or backpack. The cooling effect and soothing gel from the CBD roll on stick work perfectly for sore muscles. If you are finishing a workout session, whether it is sports or the gym, a roll-on stick can be the perfect post-exercise soreness solution.

Packaged in a travel-sized roll-on applicator, people can discreetly and immediately administer their cannabidiol gel easily. Roll-on stick’s gel usually contains other herbs that are proving to heal. These would include aloe, calendula, yerba mate, and frankincense. Paired with CBD, the gel becomes even more potent. CBD roll on sticks tend to have an icy hot sensation and have a wet application.

Another form of a topical stick is the pain stick. Whereas the roll-on tends to be a gel and have a wet application, pain sticks are dry like a deodorant stick. Pain sticks are useful if you need to put clothes on and have to go out; that way, it won’t stick and ruin your clothing. Both roll-on and pain sticks can be using interchangeably.

A great way to use a CBD roll on stick would be after a long day of work at a desk job. Through the years of working at a desk you will most likely develop bad posture. Using a CBD stick (whether roll-on gel or dry pain stick) after a work day on your neck or back will aid you in controlling the pain of bad posture that builds up.

Salves – CBD salves are CBD Topicals that are very similar to creams and balms. The differences between them lie in the base of the product, as mentioned before. Creams use a percentage of water as their base, while salves use oil and wax, rendering them longer shelf life. It is down to the user to pick which type of topical will suit their needs.

CBD salve

Final thoughts

Cannabidiol (CBD) topicals have become a common household item. Legal in all the United States, CBD has proven to help pain management issues, skin health, anxiety, depression, and infections. Whether it is a cream, roll-on, balm, or salve, CBD topicals will meet your needs. It is up to the user to select which type of topical they want to use.

In contrast to their pharmaceutical counterparts, one of the best benefits of using naturally occurring CBD pain control and relief medications is that there is no chance of toxicity. When contrasted with other narcotics-based solutions, they are also addiction-free. There are certain minor consequences, such as dry mouth, that do occur due to the use of CBD derivatives.