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CBD Salve for Pain

13-70 Points = $1.30-$7.00 redeemable on next order

CBD Roll on Stick

8-20 Points = $0.80-$2.00 redeemable on next order

CBD Cream for Pain

42-77 Points = $4.20-$7.70 redeemable on next order

Deep Muscle and Joint Pain CBD Cream

39-70 Points = $3.90-$7.00 redeemable on next order

CBD Bath Bomb

5 Points = $0.50 redeemable on next order

Arctic Blue CBD Cooling Gel

30 Points = $3.00 redeemable on next order

CBD for Hair

12 Points = $1.20 redeemable on next order

CBD Bath Salt Soak

20 Points = $2.00 redeemable on next order

CBD Goat Milk Bath Soak

20 Points = $2.00 redeemable on next order

Why should you choose our CBD Topicals?

24K CBD Plus is highly dedicated to every customer. So we want to ensure that your CBD needs are met with each and every order. This entails both a high-quality product and education on the various uses and benefits of CBD topicals. Our Isolate CBD products have zero THC. Full-spectrum formulas carry less then 0.3% of THC, which is the legal standard in order to avoid any psychoactive effects.

Those of us here at 24K CBD Plus promise the highest quality products for your CBD needs. Whether you choose to utilize our items ranging from our CBD anti-inflammatory roll-on sticks or our pain relief patches, we follow through on that promise. However, We want you to feel full confidence in your purchase of any number of our top-notch CBD products and we are just as confident in our products CBD Topicals .

What is the difference between CBD salves and CBD oils?

The main difference between CBD salves and CBD oils is that oil is to be consumed by placing drops under the tongue while a salve is used topically on the skin, usually directly onto the desired area. Some people claim that salves work faster than oils, however, you have to consider the direct contact to the desired area salves provide versus the use of oils through oral consumption. Salves also come in many varying forms. The terms salves, balms, and ointments can be used interchangeably. Technically speaking, a salve is a mixture infused with medicine that is mean to be applied directly to the skin.

How do I figure out which product is right for me?

With our vast array of products readily available, we are confident you will find the right product for you. Therefore The first step toward figuring out which product will most effectively meet your needs you should figure out what exactly you are looking to target and treat with our CBD salves and oils.

Products aimed for chronic pain:
Powerful Oil Salve
CBD and Sulfur Miracle Cream
Pure CBD Oil Pain Relief Roll-on Stick
CBD Cream – Ultra Strength Full Spectrum
CBD Oil Balm – Ultra Potent
Pain Relief Patches

Products aimed for mental wellness:
Full Spectrum CBD Vape + CBD Salve

How natural and pure are 24K CBD Plus’ products?

All of our product is farmed in Colorado. Because We only grow the finest, organic, non-GMO hemp under the guidelines of the Department of Agricultural Industrial Hemp Pilot Program. We are very strict about these guidelines. We only want to sell the highest quality CBD, keeping our s==tandards as high as possible.

What does Zero THC CBD Isolate mean?

CBD isolate is a powder or crystalline solid, which is extracted from organic, hemp plants containing a minimum of 99% pure CBD. The process of extracting the isolate from the hemp plant removes any and all active compounds of the plant, THC, which can cause psychoactive effects. 0.3% of THC is the legal standard level of THC traces that can be found in the CBD isolate.