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How to Vape CBD Oil

CBD Vape Oils
CBD Vape Oil

The Farm Bill of 2018 legalized the use of industrial hemp, a product that contains CBD or cannabidiol. The legalization of CBD across most of the United States has caused a massive rise in interest about the benefits of CBD vape oil.

There are good reasons why CBD oil has swept the nation. Providing exceptional benefits for a wide range of conditions, CBD or cannabidiol has become a go-to treatment for anxiety, depression, pain relief, insomnia, and more.

The CBD can be delivered into the bloodstream faster and more efficiently than digestion, topical, or even tincture methods when combined with vaping. It maximizes the effect of full-spectrum CBD oil on the system.

However, for those who have little to no experience with CBD, understanding what it is and how it can be used in vaping will help you make the best-informed decision about whether it is for you.

What is a Vape Pen?

CBD Vaping

The vaping device used to deliver CBD same as those that used for e-cigarettes to deliver nicotine. The device itself is simple and straightforward in nature consisting of two different parts, the pen, and the cartridge.

The cartridge contains the vaping material along with a battery that used to power the pen. The pen contains the heating element which turns the liquid into a vapor. As you draw in on the end of the pen, the oil passed over the heating element which transforms the oil into a gas that is drawn into the lungs. You then exhale the gas in the same manner as a tobacco product but without the carcinogens present.

Vaping has become quite popular over the past decade as it has helped people kick their cigarette habit by finding another, far safer way to get the nicotine they desire. The same principle used for vaping CBD oil to deliver the beneficial elements into the bloodstream.


This is cannabidiol that mixed with a light carrier liquid that helps turn it into vapor when heated. The CBD itself in oil form and cannot be vaped without the proper mixture with the carrier liquid. The vaping oil comes in pre-mixed cartridges that can be placed in the vape pen or device.

The CBD oil does come in three different forms which you can choose from as being the best for your needs.

CBD Isolate

In this form, the CBD has been removed from the rest of the elements from the plant or hemp from which it came.

Full Spectrum CBD

This is CBD oil which contains all the elements from the Cannabis sativa plant. This includes THC which is the psychotropic compound of marijuana that gets you “high”. However, the amount of THC is usually quite small and not enough for you to feel its effects.

Broad Spectrum CBD

This is most of the elements as full spectrum, but the THC has been removed.

You can choose from all three to find the one that works best for you. It can be stated that full spectrum CBD oil is the most potent of the three, but they all have advantages that you should know before choosing the one for you.

CBD Vape Oil

Pros & Cons of CBD

This is about the use of CBD as a vape oil and its effectiveness compared to digestion, tinctures, and topical applications.

CBD Fast Application

Arguably the quickest acting of all methods, CBD vape oil used to head off migraines and provide fast relief from pain before it fully ramps up. Plus, its calming effect can be used when you are feeling anxious, such as before a public-speaking event or being in an uncomfortable situation. The ability to reduce anxiety and the effects of pain quickly makes full-spectrum CBD oil a desired product.

Is CBD Safe?

A concern that many have about vaping is the heat that is generated by the device. It should be noted that while the CBD oil does turn into vapor, the liquid itself never reaches the boiling point. This means that when it’ss drawn into the lungs, the temperature is greatly reduced to not cause any burning sensation.

Plus, there are no combustibles present such as soot that can damage the lungs. This is again because the product not heated to the point where it creates combustibles.

Ease of Use

Vaping is easy and straightforward to use. All it takes is a little direction the first time. You’ll be vaping like you have done it for years. It is a simple technique that you can repeat as you want to get the relief you need. It’s quick, safe, and no clean up needed when used properly.

CBD Vape

With all the advantages of CBD oil, there are a few issues that you need to be aware of as well. As with any product, it is not perfect.

Harmful Ingredients in CBD

Unless you are getting the vaping oil from an approved source, you should avoid using it altogether. Illegal or black-market CBD oil may contain unwanted and even dangerous elements. When vaped and inhaled, such elements can do considerable harm. You should only vape products that are safe to inhale.

For example, you can consume coconut oil with little issue, but inhaling it may cause damage to your lungs. Even natural products may be not safe to inhale, so read what is in the vape oil first and be sure it is safe to use.

Hot Vape Pen

While the vapor created by the device safe, the pen itself may become too hot to the touch. While most vaping pens have plenty of insulation. If you do not use them properly you run the risk of getting burned or having the vape oil inside get so hot that it creates combustibles.

To avoid issues with the heat, be sure that the vaping pens you purchase created by approved manufacturers. Be sure to follow the instructions and if you suspect that something is not right with your vape pen, return it or at least get rid of it and find another.

Vape Lung Damage

You may have read or seen news stories about those who vaped CBD and suffered considerable lung damage as a result. It should be noted. That the vast majority of those who hospitalized along with those who died used illegal or black-market vaping products. Specifically, the vaping oil contained Vitamin E acetate which can do damage to the lungs.

Furthermore, most of those who suffered from vaping THC and not CBD. Although the real difference was the presence of acetate in illegal vaping devices.

Common Questions about CBD and Vaping

CBD Vape Pen

There is no doubt several questions that you might have about CBD vape oil and its effects. What follows a few of the more commonly asked questions.

Is CBD Oil Safe to Use?

First and foremost, properly manufactured CBD oil and vaping products are safe to use. Around the world, millions of people vape natural products with no unwanted side effects. However, despite that record of safety, it is always possible that you might experience side effects. Therefore, your first vaping experience should be small and controlled so you can judge the results.

Will CBD Oil Show Up in Drug Tests?

CBD not a psychotropic element and not screened for in drug tests. However, full spectrum CBD oil contains trace amounts of THC which the element that gets you “high” and screened for in drug tests. It is possible that even with trace amounts of THC which are common in full spectrum and sometimes broad spectrum CBD that it will garner a positive result.

If you are concerned about getting a positive result. Then you should restrict yourself to CBD isolate in which all the THC has been removed.

How Can I Avoid Combustibles in Vaping Pens?

CBD Vaping

The best way to ensure that the vape pen does not get hot enough to create combustibles. It is to use one where you can set the temperature. This means that you want to set the temperature to less that 400F degrees. Although 400F degrees is considerably higher than the boiling point for water. It is not hot enough to transform the elements inside the device into combustibles due to its short burn time.

The tradeoff is that you may have to wait a few seconds longer before inhaling. But the delay is minimal and certainly worth the greater protection that it provides. Keep in mind that it is still possible. However unlikely that combustibles might be created even with the lower temperature, but the risk is quite minimal.

Your first experience with a CBD vaping pen can be a good one if you follow the proper guidelines. For most people who try vaping. Especially if they are using full spectrum CBD vape oil. The benefits of inhaling the substance generally greater compared to ingestion, topical applications, and even tinctures.

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