How to Use? CBD Dosage Guidelines

What you will find on this page is meant to be a guideline, a starting point of reference. The fact remains that everyone is in a different place and will react differently to their CBD dosage. As serving size or dosage of CBD differs for each person, it is best to start small and gradually increase until you experience the desired result.

Since we’ve helped thousands of customers naturally treat their ailments, we’ve received a lot of customer feedback that’s helped us offer this advice on proper CBD dosage.

Start small and increase gradually

It’s always best to start with smaller amounts when you’re first taking our products, and then increase your dose gradually. Since different customers may react differently depending on their weight, metabolism, and the ailment they’re treating, it’s recommended that you adjust your CBD dosage accordingly. As with any new supplement, start by taking a minimum recommended amount and increase – or decrease – until you reach its desired effect.