1000mg-2000mg CBD Oil Spray for STRESS, SLEEP or ENERGY

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Full Spectrum 99.6% Pure Nano CBD Oil Spray 
3 Formulations offered in a variety of Natural Flavors & Healing Herb Extract 

  1. Anti Stress
  2. Sleep & Dream Aid 
  3. Energetic Clarity 

Choose your type with  flavor or unflavored 

Non-Psychoactive/ THC FREE  Activated CBD Oil for 100% Bio Availability 

Organic , lab tested 99.65% pure NANO CBD

Made using cold-Pressed

USDA - Certified Organic Non-GMO

Legal in 50 states

Colorado Grown Farm Direct Seed to Sale Lab Tested  

Naturally Extracted with Stringent Quality Control Measures!  

Products lab-tested for quality and purity.  

Ingredients: CBD, MCT Oil and Terpenes