99.6% Pure Nano CBD ISOLATE 0% THC Vape Oil with Omega 3 Clarity Aid

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Activated 99.6% Pure Isolate Vape Oil 
+Omega 3  Amino Acids (CLARITY  Aid) 
=  Blissful  Waves of  Relief !

Formulated by a good man with loving intention and healing energy, Vedic Herbal Medicine Master "Sri- Bho" Inner Engineering Alchemist.

CBD and OMEGA 3 Oil become clean energy fuel for your cells, because it boosts  CBD Potency and Bio - Availability while  increasing long term effect.

Omega + CBD OIL also increases mental clarity, physical relief while calming the mind & body! 

Organic, 3rd party lab tested 99.6% pure NANO GRADE CBD

Cold-Pressed Nano Technology processed to molecular size crystals encapsulated in Omega 3 shelling for long release  onset therapeutic effects

USDA - Certified Organic, Non-GMO

Freshly made from Legal industrial Colorado Grown Hemp

( Bio Activated / Decarboxylated)

Great for Daily Use/ Promotes General Wellness

Naturally Extracted with Stringent Quality Control Measures!  

Non-Toxic, and Non-Psychoactive, legal in 50 states. 

Products 3rd party  lab-tested for quality and purity  at 99.65%! 

Ingredients: CBD, Omega 3 in our PG / VG Proprietary Blend formulation.

Grown in Colorado& formulated by: 

Master Formulator "Sri-Bho" Practitioner in Vedic Art of Herbal Alchemy!