Vape Raw Full Spectrum CBD/CBG Crumble extracted from Harle-Tsu Strain

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Full Spectrum Raw CBD/CBG Crumble from  (Harle-Tsu Cannabis Strain) 

 Available in:

1/2gram (500mg), 1gram  (1000mg), 3gram (3000mg) and 5grams (5000mg)

  • Highly Demanded Raw  Crumble Containing CBD/CBG + 400 Phyto Cannabinoids in its purest most therapeutic form as nature intended! 
  • Shatter Nuggets is a rare commodity limited in availability.
  • Whether you’re suffering from pain or severe anxiety  Harle-Tsu is the perfect non-psychoactive strain for the job.
  • Harle-Tsu is an excellent CBD strain bred by Southern Humboldt Seed Collective. Extracts from this bud offer such a balanced effect that its  often sold in both medical and recreational dispensaries

ATTENTION: Please, note consistency of a crumble might vary from hard texture to honey-like texture.