NEW "Limited Gold Edition" Refined Distilled 30ml - 2500mg or 5000mg 99.6% Pure Nano CBD ISOLATE 0% THC Vape Oil

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30ml  99.6% pure nano CBD Isolate 2500mg or 5000mg


Enjoy Twice the Potency in a 30ml bottle  


60ml bottles with same dosage.

 Full  Spectrum Multi Cannabinoids CBD Vape Oil 

- 30ml Bottles -

Choose your flavor or enjoy unflavored nature of our oils purity 

Not-Psychoactive, Restorative Mind & Body Balance Solution!

MCT OIL base boosts CBD oils ( cannabinoids ) & increases extended bio availability progression of endo - cannabinoid system functions.

Cold-Pressed - No GMO - Colorado Grown 

(Activated / Decarboxylated)

Great for Daily Use/ Promotes General Wellness

Products 3rd party lab-tested for quality and purity  

Ingredients: 99.6% Pure Isolate - Cannabinoids (cbd) 

Ingredients: CBD, Omega 3 in our PG / VG Proprietary Blend formulation.