At 24K CBD Plus, we create the bridge between our Colorado network of farmers producing high-grade. Cannabidiol and pure CBD isolate products and consumers who demand only the best all for a low, affordable price.

While CBD derived from industrial hemp has only been legally available in the US since 2018. Our experienced staff along with our partners have many years of experience overseas in growing, extracting, and setting quality control standards. That meet all government requirements. This means that our CBD products created from proven, safe methods that preserve their potency.

What is CBD?

Called cannabidiol or CBD, it can be found in plants such as cannabis and industrial hemp. However, it most often used by those who are looking to reduce stress. Create a state of relaxation, greater focus, and produce better sleep.

CBD should not be confused with THC, the psychotropic compound in marijuana that creates the feeling of being “high”. CBD has a different effect that works with the body’s own system to enhance that sense of relaxation. Our CBD products created from industrial hemp which contains only trace amounts of THC which are gleaned when selecting our CBD to isolate products.

Is CBD Safe?

The answer is that CBD has very few side effects when taken in the recommended doses. It’s quite safe compared to other products on the market that claim to do the same thing. There good reasons as to why CBD is safe, but the main one is that cannabidiol works with the body’s own systems to produce the effect.

The result is that almost all people who take CBD will not suffer any unwanted side effect. Plus, they can take CBD as needed with no fear of addiction. However, as with any product there is always the remote chance of an allergic reaction or unforeseen side effect. So, it is recommended that for anyone taking CBD for the first time do so in small amounts and the gradually build up over time.

Quality CBD Products

The emphasis on quality when producing our full spectrum and isolate CBD. The result is that our customers get the best product for their purchase price. Our industrial hemp is grown organically and meets all requirements as set forth by the Department of Agriculture.

To ensure the quality of our product, it’s tested by a third-party source. This provides you peace of mind knowing that our products are fully tested before being distributed. We have partnered with the Hemp Pilot Research Program to ensure that our CBD products are of the highest quality while being available across the US.

Why Choose Our CBD Products?

There are good reasons why 24K CBD Plus is the source you should trust for your CBD needs. Over the years. we have established ourselves as one of the leaders in the CBD marketplace. To do so despite some heavy competition is a testament to our dedication and determination to provide only the best for our customers.

All Natural: We use organic means to create our CBD which translates to no artificial products can be found in our products. This emphasis on using natural, proven methods provides real results. We proud of not having to rely on artificial compounds to create what nature can provide. The hemp used is non-GMO which means that you only get the CBD that you want in your products.

Highest Quality: Only the best CBD produced from our facilities. This means that you get the highest quality on each order. We not only test the CBD ourselves but have a reputable third party ensure. what we produce meets and exceeds the standards set in our industry and by our government.


While our headquarters in Colorado, we serve all 50 states and the District of Columbia with our CBD products. We are proud to produce our CBD 100% in America and that pride shows as we have created an effective distribution system that ensures availability in all parts of our country. We believe in supply and demand which means when the demand rises for CBD in any area of the country, we can provide the supply.

THC Free: Our CBD isolate products are exactly that, free of all other elements which include THC. If you have concerns about taking even trace amounts of THC. We suggest you try our isolate CBD which fully removes all of it from our product.

However, our full-spectrum CBD which does not glean any additional elements does have trace amounts of THC. But the level below the legal standard of 0.3%. That means there no psychoactive effects from our full-spectrum CBD products. The result is that you can enjoy the result without having to be concerned with the effects of THC being present.

Low, Affordable Prices: With all the emphasis on quality, we also have taken steps to ensure that our prices are low and competitive. This means keeping our overhead down and using efficient methods that speed up the production produces without sacrificing quality. The result that our CBD products competitively priced. So you pay for what you need without having to pay too much.

We Are Here for You

Our years of experience combined with our knowledge of CBD, the proven methods used to create our product. Having a dedicated staff that works with our customers daily has helped 24k CBD Plus become the standard for the CBD industry. And while our reputation has been built over time, we understand that it is only as good as the last customer we serve.

If you are looking for the best source of CBD, 24k CBD Plus is here for you. We are the supplier that brings together the raw CBD produced on the farms to the products being sold across the country. Let us be your supplier of the best CBD that can be found on the market.