Our CBD Lab Reports

Not all CBD suppliers can honestly say that what they’re label says is actually what their products contain.

Did you know that CBD commerce is still not regulated as a dietary supplement by the FDA? Most CBD consumers do not, which is why we’re working hard to make sure all of our consumers are aware, and know they can trust our products.

Although CBD has been approved for sale for over 2 years now, they still haven’t put strict regulations on CBD products or their ingredients. If you’ve picked up a bottle of CBD oil from your nearby shop, there’s no way of telling if they live up to the specified amount of CBD, or any other ingredients without seeing the lab test results. (If they were even lab tested, of course).

Which, unfortunately means businesses can freely sell CBD products without having to put the actual amounts of ingredients on the label. This translates to the possibility of lowered amounts of CBD, cheaper ingredients, etc.

CBD Quality

However, as we mentioned before the best way to tell if the products you’re getting are accurate and safe is to pick a product with third party lab results that show they live up to their claims. The difference in quality between a product that has been lab tested compared to one that hasn’t, can be astronomic.

If you’re looking to find a CBD brand that can be trusted, simply look for a company that freely chooses to put their lab tests out there for you to see, as if their products live up to their promises they’ll have nothing to hide.

Here at 24K CBD Plus, every last one of our products have been tested and confirmed to hold true to what we say they are, and we’d stake our credibility on it!

Below you’ll find our lab tests that have regulations with ease. You’ll find high bioavailability, high amounts of cannabinoids on our full-spectrum oils, and the lowest amounts of THC possible. (All of our products have been tested as non-psychoactive, meaning they don’t contain no THC, or not nearly enough THC to get you high.)

Check out our CBD lab reports below and see for yourself!