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Full Spectrum CBD Vape Oil


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Full Spectrum CBD Vape Juice


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CBD Shatter 1/2 and 1gr


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CBD Isolate Vape Oil


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What is CBD Vape Oil?

CBD Vape oil cannabinoids extracted from source hemp plants. They smoked using vapes, dabs, or pens. Vaping oils considered healthier and more effective compared to smoking the flower. The process of vaping heats the bud to a specific temperature that doesn’t allow the flower to release harmful carcinogens.

CBD oil or juice also quite effective compared to edibles. While edibles take up to 30 minutes to enter the bloodstream, vaping effects more immediate.

While vaping a more popular practice, however, some CBD oils are also taken orally as they are generally made from all-natural food-grade ingredients.

The dosage depends on individual needs and must be carefully monitored. The best practice start low and increase gradually.

Our CBD Vape Oil third-party tested for quality and achieves a purity rating of 99.65 percent. Therefore Our hemp grown and extracted in the USA (Colorado) under the strict guidelines of the Department of Agricultural Industrial Hemp Pilot Program.

24K CBD Plus Products

Vaping oils have recently become quite popular due to their effective and healthy benefits. 24K CBD Plus offers a variety of CBD products ranging from CBD oils to CBD shatters for Dab – Vape. Each product made with our 99%+ pure CBD isolate. The THC range for each formula compliant with the legal standard (below 0.3%) to avoid any psychoactive effects.

Our full-spectrum CBD oil formulas come in a variety of fruity flavors including peach, mango, peppermint, strawberry, and raspberry. To add a touch of creativity and fun to your vaping experience, we also have a set of unique flavors such as Irish cream, tiramisu, and tropical punch.

CBD Vape Oil naturally cold-pressed using nanotechnology that reduces particle size to a molecular level.

Our phytocannabinoid CBD Shatter for Dab – Vape contains full-spectrum CBD and natural canna terpenes. Each shatter contains about 950mg cannabinoid per gram. The pure Phyto shatters have an earthy and almondy taste that speaks to the amazing level of purity of our products.