24KCBDPlus Loyalty Program

How it Works

Join the 24KCBDPlus Rewards program today by creating a user account. You can register at checkout or at My Account link. Then, start earning points with every purchase.
Get 50 Points

Create an Account

Get 10 Points

Place an Order

Get 5 Points

For every $ Spent

Get 100 Points

Happy Birthday

Get $20 Back

Refer a Friend

Get 25 Points

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What Are the Benefits of the Loyalty Program
The benefits of registering for our Loyalty Program is that as a registered user you are able to earn points by registering an account. You will earn points for placing an order. Yes, every time you shop you earn points. You can also earn points by leaving a product review or inviting a friend(s) and you even get Birthday points. How simple is that? The points that you earn are redeemable towards the cost of your next order and it saves you money each time you shop with us.
How to Earn Points?
Earning points is easy. These are the ways to earn points:
-Register a New Account
-Buy Our Products
-Leave a Product Review (ATTENTION: Limited to one review per day to make sure that reviews are genuine and not left simply to gain more reward points)
-Refer a Friend
-Have a Birthday
What Are Points Worth?
5 points = $1
The conversion rate is 5 points for every $1. For example, if you purchased $160 worth of products, you earn 80 points. The value of 80 accumulated reward points is $8. You will automatically get $8 discount option at the shopping cart for your next order.
Ho Do I Manage My Rewards Points?
Once you register you are able to see all your Rewards Points information by clicking on My Account->My Points
How to Redeem Points?
You can redeem your rewards points at the shopping cart. Once you accumulate enough points to redeem it will show as payment option at the shopping cart and you can choose to redeem the points as full or partial payment towards the total amount of your order.
Do Points Expire?
Yes, they will automatically expire after 60 days. You will be getting an email reminder to use your points towards purchases before their expiration date.


GIVE $20 GET $20


Invite your friends and automatically send them $20 coupon to spend on 24kcbdplus.com. You get $20 back to spend once your friend uses this coupon

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